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The Family Phone Book (Your Personal Directory)

This book is designed specifically for YOUR family!

Now that most people have cell phones… and public phone books are becoming obsolete…you almost have to rely on those piles of sticky notes for your family’s personal contacts at home.
Not any more!

“The Family Phone Book” sits right next to your phone and is a great way for the whole family to record all of the personal phone numbers you need most. You will use for this book several times, daily!

Categories include: 
Important (such as schools, babysitter, work, etc.), Mutual (relatives, family, etc.), Sports & Activities, Doctors, Insurance (health, life, vehicle, property, etc.), Repairs & Maintenance (A/C, plumber, lawn care, pool care, etc.), Monthly Bills and Utilities, Family Birthdates and Anniversaries, and a page for Personal Information(( ss#’s allergies, blood type, DL#’s, medicines, medical concerns). All categories have space for account numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, and more. Plus each family member has their own pages for their friends and personal contacts (for up to SIX family members!) making it easy for everyone to find anyone! Also including pages to record the families favorite restaurants, salon, spas, movie theaters, etc. Plus a Favorite Foods page for everyone in the family, to keep track of what that person likes best. Great for small or large families or to surprise them with their special dish! (Extra pages are available for purchase.) The perfect remedy for a hectic life! What a great gift!


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My Inspirational Quote of the Day!

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My Inspirational Quote of the Day!

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My Inspirational Quote of the Day!

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