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Update on my new book; “Yes, I Have Created A Monster; What Parents Say They Would Have Done Differently!”

This book has been my most intense writing and has been very interesting gathering interviews from all over the world. I enjoy hearing from parents other than in my home town of Destin, Florida. It gives the book a lot of diversity by getting input from families from all economic, moral and educational backgrounds. I am getting a lot of great comments and hearing regrets. Plus I am getting feedback from parents that really feel that they have done a good job, and are sharing their thoughts and suggestions. I truly hope this book will inspire parents of young children to help evaluate what you are doing, and how you are doing it, when it comes to raising your children. Remember, you can’t go back in time, so take the advise of others and learn from their mistakes and their successes.  All of us wish for our children to grow up with certain standards. So try your best to raise your children so that they learn to become  independent, responsible and thoughtful people who grow into kind, valuable, successful adults. Chances are they will become parents themselves someday, and you will want to look back and say to yourself and to your children, ” I am proud of what you have become!”

Please take a minute and email me your story on what you wish you would have done differently, now that you look back after raising your own children.  I would love to hear some insight and words of wisdom from you to share with my readers! Of course, we want to hear successful stories, as well!

I took a break to create a unique cookbook for the Destin Middle School, that I have put off working on one of my new books “Yes, I Have Created A Monster, What parents say they would have done differently”. I am  getting back on course, and have received some really great interviews for this book from all over the country. I would love to hear from everyone who has experienced the struggles and challenges of raising kids. Whether it be 1 or more children, experiences you are proud of….or not so proud of!

If this book can change even just 1 family, either in a difficult situation now, or help a family with small children avoid tough situations….I will be extremely happy! Please write and tell me your experiences. I would love to add them!

Send me a story and I will gladly send you one of my E-book's of your choice; "Protecting Yourself From Identity Theft" or "Successful Sales Letters". Please remember your identity will not be disclosed.

PLUS, if anyone would like to help interview families/parents for this book, I would love the assistance. Please contact me: ann@familytopics.net.


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My Inspirational Quote of the Day!

My Inspirational Quote of the Day!

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My Inspirational Quote of the Day!

Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground. Theodore Roosevelt

My Inspirational Quote of the Day!

"If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies!"

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