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Family Survival Guide…What My Family Needs To Know!

What my family needs to know…should something happen!

A well-organized 27 page information package designed in a compact way to keep track of all personal information a loved one would need to know in order to carry on, in any situation. It is a perfect way to store all of these valuable documents inside an expandable file folder for easy access at any time.

Designed easily to make copies once completed to give to people you trust the most.

Categories include:
Vehicle and Real Estate titles and insurance; Names and contact information for
their Doctor, Dentist, Attorney, Health surrogate, family and friends; Pet information; Investments, Banking; Health and Life insurance; Utilities; Burial and Donor information; Power of Attorney Form plus Long-Term Care Wishes; along with a place to hold small heirlooms and sentimental items such as photos, jewelry, disks, letters… and much more.

Designed and published when my family went through this after hearing that my own mother had just a few months to live.

“What a relief it was to have all of this already complied and completed, during the worst of times!”

This book can be gift wrapped with a personalized greeting card from you,   currently at no additional charge.


“Thank-you for designing something easy to understand and follow. My father has early signs of Alzheimer’s and helping him fill this out now has helped me as I am already faced with paying some bills for him. This keeps everything together in a nice package, and I am able to easily make and keep a copy of his bills for myself. What a great idea!”
Susan Sanders
Roswell, Georgia

“I can’t thank you enough for designing such a great package. My husband and I are fortunate enough to travel frequently, and sometimes I have forgotten to pay something before I left home. This system enables me to call my daughter at home and she can find my bills right away with little effort. This has been a life saver many times. Thank-you!”
Colleen Mays
San Diego, California

“This book is such a great idea! Not only have I gotten one for myself, but I was looking for the perfect gift for my friend who is always hard to buy for. In fact I think I will buy one for my recently divorced aunt, also. What a meaningful way to say how much you care to the ones you love! So glad I came across this!”
Sofie Anderson
Yakima, Washington


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My Inspirational Quote of the Day!

My Inspirational Quote of the Day!

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My Inspirational Quote of the Day!

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My Inspirational Quote of the Day!

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