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Best in Destin Cookbook... A Celebrity Cookbook

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This cookbook was designed to raise money for Destin Middle School in Destin, Florida. An exquisite collection of recipes I gathered from the school staff, students and families, famous local chefs, as well as many celebrities, that include the Florida Governor, Senator, mayor, area television and radio and newspaper personalities, Destin pioneer families, local artists, actors, musicians and many, many more. There are 550 mouth watering recipes, including 17 healthy recipes for your pets, along with cooking tips, substitutions, equivalency and measurement charts, calorie counters, food storage guidelines and more!
* A bonus page includes autographs from these many famous celebrities.               
* A sleek cookbook easel is included to help make following directions easy and at your finger tips.

All proceeds support Destin Middle School. Price includes shipping. 
Published for DMS in 2011 where all 6 of my children attended middle school.


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My Inspirational Quote of the Day!

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My Inspirational Quote of the Day!

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