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Yesterday was a pretty crazy day! After getting to the hospital 30 minutes late due to a multi car accident on a major bridge along the way, he actually got rushed into surgery about 30 minutes early. So we hardly had time to think and be nervous anymore about the whole ordeal. Micah came out of surgery OK, however, they did have to cut through a muscle to get the whole tumor out as it had grown so big. He recovered early and we were able to bring him home earlier than we figured. Of course not everything always goes that smoothly with any major surgery, right? Not with us either. Micah got sick a few times on the way home. I guess that is to be expected. His arm is bandaged up and in a very tight sling for at least a week. Keeping him clean will be fun. The family made him a banner, got balloons, and made him feel right back at home by teasing him as usual. In fact as soon as he got home, they went straight over to play Rock Band 2. Micah played with one hand. Good thing he is left-handed. Many friends and family called all throughout the day. He will be down for a few days, and on a lot of medicine as he is pretty sore, but all-in-all, Micah will be OK…we are sure of it! (Jan. 20, 2010)

Written by Ann Hadsall-Allen — January 29, 2016

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My Inspirational Quote of the Day!

My Inspirational Quote of the Day!

F.E.A.R. has 2 meanings: Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise...The choice is yours!

My Inspirational Quote of the Day!

Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground. Theodore Roosevelt

My Inspirational Quote of the Day!

"If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies!"

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